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Kim TrieberKim Treiber and her group Kim and the Caballeros are big Taos favorites - Kim Treiber never liked country music. Ever since those guitar lessons in third grade, back in Illinois, when the instructor tried to teach her country songs,

"I just wanted rock n' roll and the Beatles, so I quit," she recalls. Chipper Thompson adds, "Kim's mom bludgeoned her with Tom T. Hall and Loretta Lynn when she was growing up."

Her mother, Karen VanHeuzen, loves country music. "My mom used to just play it relentlessly on the eight track when we were trapped in the back of the station-wagon; Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, all of them. We just wanted rock but she made us listen - I hated it!"

Treiber met David Garver in College and both wound up in Arizona when she transferred to ASU. She picked up the guitar again, "He reminded me what an F chord was and we sang together as a duo." They moved to Taos for the midwifery center when she became pregnant with their first son, Ian. Not long after arriving in Taos, they formed a rock band, the Bohiems. Treiber learned bass and managed for the group. The Bohiems played constantly and "got close to getting big," performing in Austin at South by Southwest and touring California. Treiber and the band even moved to Los Angeles in an attempt to get signed. She gave birth to her second son, Mischa while there, "LA was going nowhere so we came home to Taos." They recorded their third album but Treiber wanted more time with her kids. "It was heartbreaking quitting the Bohiems because we were pretty damn good." Soon after, Treiber and Garver split but remain friends.

Kim TreiberLocal music producers, "Greg Martin and Morten Nilssen called me and said let's do a 'Kim' CD." It was a chance for her to do all her own songs, the way she wanted to - and it still wasn't country. Her voice had a desperate edge to it, yet soft - well suited for her coarse folk songs. "Fear No Art," was released in 1993 "with a little help from my frends," Robert Mirabal, Jenny Bird.

More Information About Kim Treiber.

By including almost thirty area musicians, the project brought her into the community. Treiber did the Fear No Art CD release at the TCA as a benefit for Casa de Corazon as she became more involved with contributing to the needs of Taos. Kirsten Parsons sang harnionies with Treiber on the record and soon the two of them were doing backing vocals on Chipper Thompson's debut CD "Strange Lullabies." It was while recording with Don Richmond at Howlin' Dog Studios that Burning Joan came into being. Along with Don Richmond and Chipper Thompson, they have released two original CDs, "Love's Flame" and "Remember," neither one contains a country song.

There was so much talent in the group they couldn't help but develop a following but it is rare to sight the band together these days. Parsons had a baby and Richmond's schedule is jammed, "Burning Joan is sort of waiting for a resurrection," Treiber says, "we still play but now it's more for special events and the special intimate moment once in a while." Treiber took a breath from music and looked around; she saw problems and dreamed of solutions.

Kim and the Caballeros

Kim & the CaballerosAlong with Cami Hartman and five other women Treiber co-founded The Dream Tree Project, five years ago. According to their website www.dreamtreeproject.org they are a non-profit organization, committed to providing young people (currently living under bridges, in vans, abandoned buildings, and sexually exploitative and otherwise inappropriate situations) with safe, positive alternatives, helping them re-envision their lives and their futures. Thus far, they have procured a building, a thirteen passenger van, and $249,000 operating funds from HUD, as well as many appreciated gifts of money, services and equipment from the community. They offer: transitional living Program, wilderness therapy program and youth shelter.

Several years back, Treiber was at the New Orleans Jazz Fest and couldn't pull herself from the gospel tent. Back in Taos Parsons and her saw Mary Bruschini with what was then the UNM Gospel Choir they signed up the next day and have been singing to packed shows ever since. She loves it and seems to have a voice made for gospel music. "Gospel moves me, I don't know what it is but it feels familiar - it does what music is supposed to do, move you."

Last year, for her mother's birthday, Treiber decided it would be fun to record a single country song for her. Well, talk about one thing leading to another. That song sounded so good and she had so much fun; suddenly there were thirteen songs - a whole albums worth - of country music! One song was even recorded in Nashville, the capital of country music. Who would have thought it?

Kim Treiber & Chipper Thompson"Blue Hearted Girl, Kim and the Caballeros," will be officially released Friday December 12 th at the Anglada's building on Kit Carson Road. Admission is by donations and a silent auction starts the evening at 6pm. All proceeds from the night will go to Dream Tree. Don't tell Treiber's mom, it's a surprise, she is being flown in as the guest of honor. Music starts at 7:30pm and features some of the finest musicians of the region. Michael Hearne, Don Richmond, Chipper Thompson, Jimmy Stadler (on the CD but a conflict prevents him from being at the release) and Mark Bennett among others and KTAO's Capt. Carl will MC the event.

Also appearing on the album are her two sons, now ages fifteen and nineteen. "It's incredible, I mean to come full circle and have your kids play on your CD," Treiber beams, "Misha is a killer drummer he really came out with rhythm. Ian has a hidden talent of singing I'm hoping he explores more." Recently, Treiber added to her family by adopting a nine year old girl, "Cassandra is an amazing young girl and my hope is that we enrich each others lives and help heal - she has a lot to offer."

Blue Hearted Girl is Treiber's best work to date; the girl who grew up hating country has a voice born for it. "I think this is by far the best singing Kim's ever committed to record. She worked incredibly hard to get it right, and was very demanding of herself. I'm ridiculously proud of Kim for doing this project at all, not to mention doing it so well," Thompson continues, "She took a genre she only had secondhand knowledge of and made a fantastic CD that can stand proudly with many, many country recordings."

Thompson and Richmond co-produced the effort and their stellar musicianship adds considerably. "Kim is a natural on a whole lot of different levels, and I think is more and more learning to trust her great natural ability and intuition to see her through whatever she's doing, musically or otherwise," Richmond adds, "She seems quite fearless, at least from the outside, and able to bring a special magic and expression to all that she does, be it the alt-country music of Blue-Hearted Girl or the folk-rock of Burning Joan, or her work in creating and running the Dream Tree project." Treiber is delighted to be able to mix her love of Taos and music with her work with youth, "I believe we are on the planet for a reason and to be able to do that in your work and your art is a great honor, it doesn't get any better."


Brandt hosts the weekly regional music show, Spotlight on New Mexico, Sundays 3-6pm on KTAO 101.9 FM contact him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kim Treiber - Blue Hearted GirlBlue Hearted Girl TMCD0073
1. When You Went Away by Kim Treiber
2. Blue Hearted Girl* by Kim Trieber & Chipper Thompson
3. Broken Things by Julie Miller BMG Songs, Inc. Word Music, Inc.
4. Come What May** by Kit T. Ryder Banjosnake Music, BMI 2003
5. Wish You Well by Kim Treiber
6. What The Lord Bath Wrought (any fool can knock right down) by Robbie Fulks EMI Full Keel Music Co., Dreamworks Songs O/B/O Texas Wedge
7. Too Precious by Kim Treiber***
8. Blue Byes Crying in the Rain by Fred Rose, Sonny/ATV, Milene Music
9. They're All Waitin by Chipper Thompson
10. Sin Street by Chipper Thompson
11. Ain't gonna Beg by Fannie B. Williams (ca 1932) KAT BMI 2003 ****
12. Simple is Better by Kim Treiber
13. Humble Pie by Kim Treiber
14. Resurrect Yourself by Kim Treiber*****

Kim and the Caballeros are:
Kim Treiber: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Mark Bennett: Drums
Mike Hearne: Harmony Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Don Richmond: Harmony Vocals, Acoustic and Electric (slide) Guitars, Steel, Fiddle, Banjo, Bass, Accordian
Jimmy Stadler: Piano, Organ
Chipper Thompson: Harmony Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Mandolin

*performed by the "Nashville Boys": Vocals: Kim, Allen Morrell: Harmony Vocals, Larry Beaird: Acoustic Guitar, Chris Lenzinger: Electric Guitar, Russ Pahl: Steel, Gary Prim: Piano, Mike Brignardello: Bass, Wayne Killius: Drums
**special guest: Ian Garver: Harmony Vocal
***special guest- Ian Garver.Harmony Vocals
****special guests: Rob Watt:Tuba, Banjo, Virgil Walkley: Trombone, Mischa Garver: Drums *
*****special guest: Mischa Garver: Drums

Songs written by Kim Treiber, © KAT BMI 2003
Songs by Chipper Thompson, and "Blue Hearted Girl" by Chipper Thompson and Kim Treiber, Banjosnake Music, BMI 2003
Produced by Chipper Thompson and Don Richmond
Recorded, engineered, mixed by Don Richmond @ Howling Dog Studio, Alamosa, Co.
Blue Hearted Girl" recorded and mixed @) Beaird Music Group, Inc. Nashville, TN. Engineered by Chuck Pfaff
Mastered by Jeff Karsin @ The Taos Hum
"Patsy Cline" dress courtesy of Katy K Designs in Nashville, TN.
Cover Photo: Karen Van Huezen (ca 1965) Handpainted by Kathleen C. Brennan
Musician Photos: Kim Treiber
Mark Bennett Photo: Marguerite Elsbeth
2003 Photos of Kim: Chipper Thompson
Back Cover Design and Artwork, and rope calligraphy: Chipper Thompson
CD insert graphics: Liz Mercuri, Rainbow Color and Prepress, Taos, NM

Kim Treiber - Fear No ArtFear No Art TMCD0074
See the Beauty • Feel the Pain

New Science
See the Beauty, Feel the pain
In a Garden
Too Precious
Soul Search
Lay Down
She Wants
Out of Blue
Iseult the fair
Simple is Better

Fear No Art is - Kim Trieber-Garver, Jenny Bird, Gail Boles, Adrienne Braswell, "The Corazonettes" (Audrey, Devonna, Heidi, Melissa, Stephaie), Davis Garver, Tim Garver, Woody Hand, Kirsten Haworth, Stephanie Lee, Greg Martin, Robert Mirabal, Rick Montano, Mark Nettleton, Morten Nilssen, Betsy Schwartz, Suzie Schwartz, Chipper Thompson, Vivian Thompson, Rush Watters, Dave Webb

All songs written by Kim Trieber © 1993
Produced by Greg Martin, Morten Nilssen, and Kim Trieber-Garver
Recorded and engineered by Morten Nilssen and Greg Martin at Moondance Studios in Taos
Duplication at Rainbow Studio in Taos
Cover: Ralph Koch, Cover model: Pat Lacey
Photo: Lanford Monroe

Visit Kim's Web site: kimandthecaballeros.com