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european refugee crisis and syria explained 270

Explained: European Refugee Crisis and…

In the summer of 2015, Europe experienced the greatest influx of refugees since Second World War. Why? The main reason is that Syria has become the world's top source of refugees. Syria is located in the Middle East, an ancient…
tf x future flying car 270

The TF-X, Will Your Grandchildren Drive…

TF-X™ is Terrafugia's vision for the future of personal transportation. A four-seat, plug-in hybrid electric flying car with fly-by-wire vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities, TF-X™ is designed to bring personal…

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namaskar yoga for all 270

Put Your Hands Together in Namaskar

Spirituality & Consciousness
Put your hands together in Namaskar and look upon someone or something with loving attention. In 3-5 minutes you will begin to harmonize. Namaskar - The physical world is a product of polarities. Masculine and Feminine. Yin and…
nancy wilson from heart performing stairway to heaven 270

Exceptional Performance of Led Zep's “Stairway to Heaven”

It’s worth revisiting an exceptional performance by Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart performing “Stairway to Heaven” in honor of Led Zeppelin at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012, in front of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John…

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artist charles collins is a true taos master 270

Artist Charles Collins is a True Taos Master

Taos Art
A brief glimpse of the man and the art of the most awarded artist in the history of the Taos Fall Arts Festival, Charles Collins. Charles has been officially claimed a "Taos Master" by the Millicent Rogers Museum and was selected…
taos up close Aliah Sage 270

25th Anniversary of Finn's Intimate Taos Portraits

Taos People
Online Gallery of 51 photographs. September 22 marks the 25th anniversary of a show held at The Mission Gallery. Taos Up Close featured portraits by Patrick J. Finn of notable Taos artists. At the time, the Mission Gallery's Rena…