7 Easy Ways To Enjoy Autumn In Taos, New Mexico

For those looking to visit this autumn season, know that the bustle of festive activity, along with the peaceful serenity of the area’s unrivaled nature, make Taos a top destination for all types of travelers.  Let’s take a look at 7 easy ways to enjoy autumn in Taos:

1. Drive The Enchanted…

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Taos - The Perfect Destination Year Round

There's a big reason why repeat visitors to Taos make plans to visit the famous northern New Mexico destination time and time again. What is that reason?

Well, Taos, New Mexico just happens to be the perfect getaway destination full of adventurous all-year-long recreational and cultural activities…

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Earthship Is Stewardship

Earthship Is Stewardship Have you heard of the Sustainable living movement? Earthships? Yea, those cool alien looking houses in far-away places. Chances are that you have. Earthships may be coming to a neighborhood nearby and it might be sooner than you think.

We think of our homes today as…

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Take the High Road - Santa Fe to Taos, New Mexico

In the small village of Chimayo, New Mexico, there is a small, dark sanctuary that each year draws thousands of visitors. The dirt found there is believed to have special healing powers, and many traverse the country hoping to be cured of whatever disease is plaguing them.

After visiting the…

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First Time I Visited Taos, I Fell Completely in Love

You know, just when you think you've 'seen it all' or that 'this is as good as it gets', you have days like I did today. Not only did great things happen for Jill and I; I truly saw that NOTHING is ever as it appears! Nearly twenty seven years ago, I visited Taos, NM for the first time and fell…

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A Short History of Kokopelli

South American Native American art and jewelry like elegant turquoise, coral squash blossom necklaces, Kachina dolls and intricate baskets are enjoyed by many people. Many symbols and patterns on these objects are exceptionally familiar to many collectors. Many jewelries and memorabilia are adorned…

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Max Gomez

The son of an artisanal furniture craftsman, Gomez grew up watching his father, learning the tools of the trade while simultaneously learning his way around the frets of his guitar. The workmanlike quality of his songwriting carries over from his days spent in the woodshed through an economy of…

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Taos Food Coop

The Taos Food Coop is a small buying club and retail organic food store, offering members and customers the best possible prices on whole, healthy foods.

Everything Taos Food Coop sells is organic and/or locally grown. Taos Food Coop offers many varieties of dry staples including flours, rice,…

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BearClaw Cafe

The Bear Claw Bakery & Cafe has lots of great bargains and very good food.

Look for such breakfast items as the Bearclaw Breakfast - 2 organic eggs cooked to order with potatoes and toasted homemade bread, Add ham bacon or turkey sausage, Croissant Sandwich with organic scrambled eggs ham and…

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Old Casa Continental

Chef Mogans Hansen brings an assortment of his favorite dishes from the European Continent, where he trained as a chef in Denmark. Mogens formerly owned the tremendously popular Casa Crodova in Taos. He then went to Albuquerque where he had fine dining restaurants in Albuquerque's Northeast…

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