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Bernie: What the Political Revolution is All About

Video 2:45. Senator Bernie Sanders. "I believe that this country has enormous potential, if we have the guts to take on the big money interests who dominate our economic and political life, And I disagree with Secretary Clinton's…
trump acceptance speech republican national convention 2016 270

Donald Trump's Full Acceptance Speech at RNC

Video 1:16:40 of Donald Trump's acceptance speech at Republican National Convention, just in case you missed it on TV. Believe it or not. Transcript below: "Friends, delegates and fellow Americans: I humbly and gratefully accept…

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five important tips to re sexualize your self 270

5 Important Tips to Re-Sexualize Your Self

Men & Women
Sex Is Important In Your Life and Your Relationship It’s essential to enjoy it. The conditioning on the body to be sexual and reproduce is the strongest on the planet. It is the second strongest instinct on the planet next to…
about pokemon go and other massive mind control trends 270

About Pokemon Go and Other Massive Mind-Control Trends

Family & Kids
Video 11:03. A massive trend seems to have come out of nowhere. It’s called Pokemon Go. This is just another clear example of massive mind control. We really are at a crossroads right now. There was once a time when we controlled…

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Gallery: Finn's Intimate Taos Portraits 2

Taos People
Taos Up Close 2. Photographer, author Patrick J. Finn made quite a splash in 1989 with his first first series of intimate portrait photographs of well-known, and in some cases famous, Taos artists. At the time, the Mission…
The Many Moods of Sacred Taos Mountaintaosmtn 040823 270

Gallery: The Many Moods of Taos Mountain

Taos Area
This is a gallery of photographs of sacred Taos Mountain taken by webcam from the vantage of El Torreon Hacienda, during the mid-2000. There are 806 photographs in this gallery that show all the moods of the mountain. J. R.…


Spirituality & Consciousness

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